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‘Logofonts’ by Italian Designer Emanuele Abrate

by Joseph


I don’t know if I can really say it’s a slow news day today, since the whole internet is hopping about various announcements and trailers coming out of E3. But since I don’t think I can just write up video game trailers all day, I have to turn to this somewhat interesting project from Italian designer Emanuele Abrate entitled Logofonts, which reimagines various famous logos with the name of their distinctive fonts in lieu of the actual brand name. Here’s the artist himself on the rationale behind the fairly self-explanatory project:

“Often when we see a logo, a question arises:
‘which font was used?’
In this project I did some research on the logos of some of the most famous brands, trying to understand which font they use or which have been modified to get to the final result.”

You can take a look at his findings here, where you can see Logofonts in their entirety. It may not be a sparkly new video game, but for fans of logos and/or fonts, it’s probably just as interesting.


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