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‘Logan Noir’: Details on Black and White Version of ‘Logan’ Revealed

by Joseph
Logan Noir

Logan Noir

It looks like famed movie director George Miller is now a trendsetter in yet another way, because now director James Mangold and the rest of the team behind Logan are also putting out a black and white version of the movie, comparably to Mad Mad: Black and Chrome. It’s called Logan Noir, and after some preliminary teasing, details on how you can see it have recently become available.

Logan Noir will premiere at Alamo Drafthouse locations across the US on May 16th, where it will be presented with a live post-screening Q&A with Mangold during which he will presumably discuss exactly how he came to turn all those colors down in post. There’s even a suggested dress code for the event, as attendees “are urged to attend wearing only black and white clothing,” and those that abide this edict will receive a commemorative poster for the movie in exchange.

Find out more about Logan Noir and buy your tickets at the Drafthouse website here. But if you don’t live near one of the participating theaters, don’t worry, because the monochrome version of the movie will also be available as a bonus feature on the upcoming Logan Blu-ray.

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