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Lofree: Keyboards Inspired by Typewriters

by Joseph


One of the things that have more or less gone extinct in the last 50 years is the completely satisfying click-click-clack of an old-school mechanical typewriter. But now there’s a new tech brand in town attempting to bring back at least one aspect of that bygone age in the form of mechanical keyboards inspired by those typewriters: Lofree.

Lofree keyboards also take design cues from the Apple Magic layout, and will be available in both wired and wireless variants to give your Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac devices that typewriter-style tactile feel. And each keyboard will be pairable with up to three devices simultaneously, so you’ll be able to take it from home to office and beyond with minimal hassle.

Pricing and release details on Lofree are still to come, but you can stay tuned for more information on the keyboards at the brand’s official site right here. And if you now want to hold off on starting that novel, I don’t think anyone will blame you.

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