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Lo Res Concept Car From United Nude (Photos)

by Joseph
United Nude Lo Res

Most concept cars are at least theoretically tied to reality, but lifestyle brand United Nude had no such pretenses when they whipped up their Lo Res concept car, which looks like something that one of the androids from the end of A.I. might drive, rather than something you might see on the street in the near future.

The United Nude Lo Res gets its name from the process used in its design, which was to take a 3D rendering of a Lamborghini Countach and methodically lower its resolution until the polygonal design seen in the car was reached. Despite that exclusively visual approach to the car’s design, it was then given an interior and functioning engine as well.

And according to United Nude, the Lo Res concept car will actually be exhibited sometime soon in Los Angeles, where it’s sure to be even more impressive than it is on the screen. But for the screen-only version, you can take a look at a few photos of the car in the gallery below, and for more head over to the United Nude site here.

Here’s the gallery:

United Nude Lo ResUnited Nude Lo ResUnited Nude Lo Res

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