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LIX: 3D Printing Pen (Video)

by Joseph


3D printing is still a new technology, and one of the newest aspects of it is the idea of 3D printing pens. This gives you the freedom and convenience of drawing 3D structures with nothing more than a pen (you don’t even need paper).

LIX is billed as “the smallest 3D printing pen in the world,” so it makes a pretty interesting introduction to the world of 3D printing pens. And it lets you draw pretty much anything you can think of, which obviously expands the limits of what 3D printing can do.

To get a lot more information on LIX, the world’s smallest 3D printing pen, head to the LIX website here. ¬†You can also be taken to the item’s Kickstarter page, where LIX pens can be pre-ordered starting at $125 and shipped to you as soon as they become available.

And to see the LIX 3D printing pen in action, just take a look at the video below.


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