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Litographs: Get a Good Book in T-Shirt Form

by Joseph


Sometimes when you’re reading a really good book, you might feel the urge to just crawl inside it. Impossible, of course, but a new T-shirt company is offering the next-best alternative: Litographs, which turn the complete text of various books into cool T-shirt designs.

While it probably isn’t advisable to try to read an entire work of literature off of a T-shirt, Litographs nevertheless offer a cool way to rep your favorite book, provided it’s one of the books available for purchase on the brand’s website (custom Litographs are, alas, not available yet).

Luckily, they have a pretty solid line-up, including classic novels like Moby-Dick and The Sun Also Rises, genre favorites like The War of the Worlds and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, non-fiction like On the Origin of Species, and much more. You can check out all of the choices and order your own shirt for under thirty bucks at the official Litographs site right here.

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