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Literally Balling Stained-Glass Backboards

by Joseph
Literally Balling

Literally Balling

Luxury and basketball are two entities that just don’t come together often enough. But artist Victor Solomon has brought the two together with a line of stained-glass backboards he’s releasing under the Literally Balling brand name.

Literally Balling stained-glass backboards were the subject of a recent story in Complex magazine, and in it Solomon is quoted on the genesis of these unique home pieces:

“The project started as just an evocative image stuck in my mind: the iconic basketball backboard elevated—as it’s own culture has been—to a class and luxury status that stained glass has historically been reserved for.”

The marriage of luxury with the iconography of basketball isn’t just a tagline when it comes to Literally Balling – these are all custom pieces, and not something you can just order up from the brand’s website. But you may still want to check out the site here to see some examples of Solomon’s work, and dare to dream.


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