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Lily Drone Camera: Just Throw and Shoot (Video)

by Joseph


Most of the time if you see someone throwing a camera it’s because they forgot to take the lens cap off duringĀ a spectacular moment, but there’s a new drone camera that you’re actually supposedĀ to throw. It’s Lily, purported to be the first camera in the world that is operated simply by throwing it into the air.

Lily also has an on-board GPS tracking system, which allows it to track you anywhere from five to a hundred feet in the air, taking twenty minutes of HD video and pictures at a time. Just imagine how awesome you’d look being aerially photographed while jogging or walking the dog – and you don’t even have to bribe a news helicopter pilot to capture the footage anymore.

You can see Lily in action in the video below. For more info, as well as to pre-order one starting at just under $500, throw yourself over to the camera’s official website right here.

Here’s the video:

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