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LightMode Electroluminescent Motorcycle Helmets

by Joseph


Riding a motorcycle is always a little bit dangerous (that’s what makes it so cool), and driving at night is exponentially more so. But there are ways to cut down on the danger and amp up the cool factor simultaneously, impossible as that might sound. One of those ways is LightMode, a new line of “electroluminescent motorcycle helmets” that make you look like Flynn from TRON and make you more visible to other motorists at night.

LightMode can transform any motorcycle helmet into a glowing, futuristic beacon of safety though electroluminescent lighting that is designed to draw attention to the rider’s head rather than the lower points that are usually illuminated on conscientious riders. You also have the option of buying a new helmet with the LightMode treatment built-in.

You can get more information on LightMode from the project’s Kickstarter page here, where pre-orders on modification kits start at $65.


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