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Lighter Cufflinks: Cufflinks That Are Also Lighters

by Joseph
Lighter Cufflinks

Lighter Cufflinks

As a fairly devout slacker I don’t really know much about the worlds of elegant dinner parties and formal attire. But I imagine that all such events would be significantly improved by some innovative gadgetry, such as that which is found in Lighter Cufflinks from Uncrate Supply.

I’m sure there are plenty of practical uses for Lighter Cufflinks, like lighting cigars or candles, or maybe even providing a light source in a pinch. But my imagination automatically goes to an espionage scenario in which the wearer gets bound to a chair and uses them to burn his or her way through the ropes. I can’t help who I am, I just can’t!

Whatever you plan to use Lighter Cufflinks for, you can check them out at the Uncrate Supply online store here, where a pair of the stainless steel beauties are priced at $70 a pop. And please, try to return them both intact, 007.

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