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Light Phone 2: “A Phone That Actually Respects You”

by Joseph
Light Phone 2

Light Phone 2

Smartphone anxiety is probably one of the most pervasive in modern-day society, it’s not hard for smartphone users to feel that their lives are being invaded by their miniature devices. That’s why a device like the Light Phone 2 is appealing enough to appeal to more than 500 IndieGoGo backers so far.

The Light Phone 2 is billed as “a phone that actually respects you,” which means it’s kind of a pared-down, basics only phone that’s meant to act as a supplement to your regular smartphone. It has an e-ink screen that displays the time and has an alarm clock, but other than that it’s for making and receiving calls only, no apps, no social media, no staring at it for half an hour before getting out of bed, unless you’re just fascinated by the time.

Check out the Light Phone 2, the followup to the original Light Phone, at its IndieGoGo listing right here.

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