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LIFX: Smartphone-Controlled Light Bulbs (Photos and Video)

by Joseph

There are few things more boring than light bulbs—once you screw them in, it’s rare that you even think about them until they burn out. But all that is in the past, thanks to LIFX; the WiFi LED light bulbs you can control with your smartphone.

When I say “control,” I don’t just mean stuff like brightening or dimming the LIFX light bulbs (although you can do that as well). They have all kinds of crazy features, like colors that pulsate to the rhythm of music in the room, or having it flash a certain way when you get a Facebook notification!

All that, and LIFX is environmentally friendly too, with only a tenth of the power usage of a regular light bulb. The next shipment of LIFX light bulbs isn’t set to come out until early next year, but you can place pre-orders at their website here.

And for more on the LIFX, just check out the photos above and video below in order to see the bulbs in action. It’s probably the most excited you will ever get about a light bulb.

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