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“Lift”: Radiohead Releases New Video for Old Fan Favorite

by Joseph


The song “Lift” was originally recorded by Radiohead back in 1997 during the OK Computer sessions. Even though it didn’t make the album, it became a fan favorite at the band’s concerts and live recordings, and now it’s part of the new OKC retrospective box set entitled OKNOTOK, and the band even produced a new video to go along with it.

The video for “Lift” is directed by Oscar Hudson and stars Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke in a long ride on a, you guessed it, lift (or “elevator,” in yankee parlance). In typical Radiohead video fashion, the ride becomes more surreal and unnerving as it goes on. The video premiered on the band’s official site, via the following tweet:

If for some reason you don’t care to click through to Radiohead’s site from the tweet, you can watch the video for “Lift,” off of the 20th anniversary reissue OKNOTOK, right here.

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