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LIFT: A Stand and Case for Your MacBook Pro

by Joseph


If you’re a MacBook Pro user, it’s possible that you’re interested in taking your computer to the next level, even when it comes to how you lug it around. With LIFT, you can, since it combines elements of a carrying case, bag, and stand, specifically designed for the MacBook and to “go beyond carrying” it.

LIFT sports a built-in handle, interchangeable covers for that elusive personal touch, and when it’s opened it functions as a MacBook Pro stand with adjustable height and more efficient cooling of the device. There’s also a port cover for keeping dust and other pollutants out while you’re not using them. Altogether, it’s a simple way to expand and optimize the use of your MacBook Pro.

With that in mind, $119 isn’t really that much to pay for what’s technically a computer case. That’s good, because that’s where pre-orders start at the LIFT Kickstarter listing right here, with shipments slated to begin in April of next year.


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