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Life Paint: The Life You Save May Be Your Own (Video)

by Joseph
Life Paint

Life Paint

I don’t have any pertinent statistics on hand, but it’s well-known that bicycling or even walking at night without properly reflective material on your person can lead to a very serious or even fatal accident if you happen to be where there are any cars around. If you’ve been avoiding taking this precaution for aesthetic reasons, you may want to look into a can of Life Paint from Volvo.

Life Paint is a highly reflective water-based paint that’s completely invisible in the daytime, but at night becomes a can’t-miss stripe (or whatever shape you paint it in) of illumination that will make you a lot harder to miss in the dark. It’s made to stick to textile materials and to last for roughly a week before you wash it off and apply a new coat, so you don’t have to worry about ruining any of your clothes, shoes, or hats even with invisible paint.

Unfortunately, Life Paint isn’t quite ready for the public as yet, but stay tuned to Volvo’s official site for the product right here for more release details, as well as additional information on how it works. And you can also check it out in the video below.



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