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LG’s 84-Inch ‘Ultra’ HDTV

by Joseph

Ultra HDTV

Bad news for HDTV owners: Your expensive TV might already be on its way to obsolescence. At least, that’s the idea behind the new UHDTV (the “U” stands for “Ultra”), that’s being released by LG in South Korea.

The UHDTV (which costs around $22,105), has an 84-inch screen, and is capable of displaying content at 4,000 lines of resolution. That is twice as much as high-definition Blu-rays hold.  Sure, finding content that actually hits 4k res is almost impossible now. But as time marches on, that may very well become the norm for home viewing, much like HDTV is now.

For more information on the 84-inch UHDTV, you can check out LG’s website, but you’ll have to use Google to help you translate the words from Korean to English.

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