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LG G6 OLED TV: “A New Category of Television”

by Joseph


How’s your TV looking? Picture quality OK? Contrast look pretty good? Nice colors? Clear resolution? Well, get ready to want to throw that sonofagun out of the nearest high window once you get a look at the new LG G6 OLED TV, billed by the LG brand as representing not just a new TV, but “a new category of television” altogether.

That’s probably because the LG G6 OLED boasts OLED and ColorPrime Pro tech in order to accurately and stunningly display the ultra-HD visuals of the future, as well as make current HD content look even better. It has a wider color gamut and deeper “perfect black” contrasts, and the whole thing is just 2.56mm thick.

You can get more information on the LG G6 OLED TV at LG’s official site here, where additional release and pricing details should be available very soon. In the meantime, try to avoid the temptation of smashing your current TV with a sledgehammer.

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