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G2 Smartphone Officially Unveiled by LG

by Joseph
G2 LG Smartphone

G2 LG Smartphone

It’s been months since technology addicts first started hearing about LG‘s successor to the Optimus G. Now, an official announcement from LG brings word of the LG G2 smartphone, loaded with cool new features and innovative design elements.

Some of those cool features include Answer Me, which lets you answer incoming calls automatically simply by holding the phone up to your ear, Slide Aside, which introduces a new three-fingered “sliding” gesture to the touchscreen interface to aid in multitasking, and a Guest Mode, which is specifically for when someone other than the phone’s owner is using it.

For a complete breakdown of the LG G2’s techincal specs and features, just click here. As for the phone’s release date, it’s expected to get a worldwide roll-out over the next two months, so watch for it to hit a smartphone retailer near you soon.

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