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Lexus RC F Remote Control Car Ready for the Holidays

by Joseph
Lexus RC F

Lexus RC F

If you want to get that special someone a Lexus for Christmas this year but you are in no way able to afford an actual Lexus automobile (not even a pre-owned one), there’s a relatively affordable alternative available exclusively from Barneys. It’s the Lexus RC F, a remote-controlled toy worthy of the Lexus brand.

The Lexus RC F is not, as some unscrupulous headline writers may have you believe, a full-size Lexus automobile that can be remotely controlled. But it is a detailed miniature replica at 1/10 scale, powered by a Reedy 3300kV 540 brushless motor. The product’s listing at the Barneys website even specifies that it’s for “adult use only,” intended for ages 14 and up.

You can check out that listing at the Barneys online store right here, where the Lexus RC F will set you back $350, with no financing available. On the up side, you won’t have to buy one of those giant red bows to give it to someone as a present, since a regular-sized bow will fit on it just fine.

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