Home Autos ‘Lexus on Ice: NX Ice Wheels’: Cool Advertisement From Lexus (Video)

‘Lexus on Ice: NX Ice Wheels’: Cool Advertisement From Lexus (Video)

by Joseph
Lexus on Ice

Lexus on Ice

Making things out of ice is one of the least practical things you can do from an engineering standpoint: Not only does the stuff melt in above-freezing temperatures, but its highly brittle, slippery, and breakable too. But that didn’t stop Lexus from giving one of its NX luxury SUVs a set of ice wheels for a project seen in a video entitled Lexus on Ice: NX Ice Wheels.

Lexus on Ice: NX Ice Wheels was made possible thanks to the collaborative efforts of Lexus and Hamilton Ice Sculptors, who started by collecting water from a moving source, a trick for achieving clarity once the water is frozen. Then, they sculpted their ice wheels/”tires” around an acrylic core and some LEDs to support the weight of the NX and spice up their appearance, before subjecting the vehicle to five days of -30°C temperatures.

You can see how it all went down by watching Lexus on Ice: NX Ice Wheels below. If this demonstration of the Lexus NX’s cold-weather capabilities make you want to get more information on the SUV, you can do so at Lexus’ official site here.

Here’s the video:

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