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Lexus LIT IS Has More Than 40,000 Programmable LEDs (Video)

by Joseph
Lexus LIT IS

Lexus LIT IS

“Everything we do sends a signal about who we are.” So begins the promotional video introducing the Lexus LIT IS, a special version of the Lexus IS with 41,999 programmable LEDs that sends a signal saying “every moment I spend not at the absolute center of attention is unbearable torture.”

Actually, I have to admit that the Lexus LIT IS is pretty cool, albeit hard to imagine anyone actually driving around. It’s outfitted with several different modes: the Batmobile-like “Attract,” which is pretty much what it sounds like, “Gesture,” which responds to user gestures outside the car, and “Music Viz,” which syncs the LIT IS up with whatever music is playing inside the car.

Even if you never get to drive a Lexus LIT IS, or even see one up close, you can check out the car in action in the video below. And for more information on Lexus’ regular ol’ IS model, check out the official Lexus site right here.

Here’s the video:

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