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LEVO Oil Infuser (Video)

by Joseph


If you’re a graduate-level kitchen engineer, you may be familiar with the process of oil infusion. Historically, it’s been a difficult and tedious process, but a new counter-top appliance called LEVO makes it easy, and throws in some extra features in the bargain.

LEVO can be used as a coffee or tea machine in addition to creating various flavor combinations in butters and oils—vanilla infused coconut oil or rosemary olive oil, to name two examples. Salt scrubs and other next-level recipe components are also a purported breeze, as is cleanup since LEVO is built as dishwasher friendly.

You can better acquaint yourself with LEVO by watching the short introductory video below. You can also get a lot more information on the device at its official site here, where pre-orders are currently being accepted to the tune of just under $380. Then, by early 2017, you’ll be cruisin’ for an infusion.

Here’s the video:



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