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Levitating CUP: It’s a Cup That Levitates

by Joseph
Levitating CUP

Levitating CUP

I’ve said it before, and I will more than likely say it again: Levitation is so hot right now. Just the other day I told you about the levitating phone charger that’s not actually a levitating phone charger, but the Levitating CUP now raising funds on Kickstarter suffers from no such misnomers.

Yes, the Levitating CUP is actually a cup that levitates, thanks to the exciting power of magnetic suspension. It also comes in a number of varieties for your specific drinking needs, including a cocktail glass, a beer glass, a coffee mug, and a dessert chalice, as well as wired and wireless versions.

Prices on the Levitating CUP start at $149 at the product’s Kickstarter listing right here, where you can pre-order yours or just get a lot more technical details on how they get the cup to levitate (once again, I’ll repeat that it does not involve magic in any way). Now all they have to do is invent a levitating paper towel for those inevitable spills and we’ll be on our way to an exciting table-less future.

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