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Levi’s Streetwear Fall/Winter 2012 Collection

by Joseph

levi's streetwear 2012 fw

The lucky denizens of the European Union are getting a new collection from Levi’s Streetwear for fall/winter 2012. The collection is clearly inspired by the skating and surfing cultures of Northern California, and the styles therefrom are both true to those worlds and to the street-style aesthetic of the brand’s name.

Another highlight of the collection is the line of STA-PREST pants which are supposed to do away with the need to iron almost completely, without sacrificing the crisp, clean look of a freshly ironed pair of pants. And if you’re reading this somewhere in Europe, you’re in luck – the collection is supposed to hit select shelves in London, Antwerp, Barcelona, Frankfurt, Copenhagen, and others very soon.

To check out the entire Levi’s Streetwear 2012 Fall/Winter collection, click here.

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