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Letto dayBed for Pampered Dogs

by Joseph
Letto dayBed

Letto dayBed

I’m no economist but I’m pretty sure that if you have a daybed, you’re doing okay. And that’s 1000 percent truer if you also happen to be a dog, a species which is known to be able to fall asleep in mounds of its own filth. But that didn’t stop luxury pet brand MiaCara (Italian for “my darling”) from developing the Letto dayBed.

The Letto dayBed is constructed from powder-coated aluminum and comes plain or with an all-natural wood veneer. “Plain” is a relative term, though, since the bed also comes with a mattress made with 100% Trevira CS fabric and a plush foam/polyester wadding. All in all, it’s the most comfortable way imaginable for your dog to while away an afternoon or a hundred.

Speaking of doing okay, you’ll need to be in order to afford a Letto dayBed, since it will set you back at least $970 at MiaCara’s official online store right here.

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