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Letrons: Real-Life Transformers Made From Real Cars (Video)

by Joseph


Transformers, while a serious boon to the toy and Michael Bay movie industries, are generally thought to be restricted to the realm of fiction. But a company called Letrons has constructed a real Autobot that appears to transform from a BMW 3 Series coupe to a 15-foot-tall robot. Believe it or not, folks.

It’s probably not necessary to note that the Letrons Transformer can’t actually be driven around in car-mode, both because that would obviously be the case and because the video of the car transforming is so cool that you probably won’t care that the car isn’t functional. But it was functional at one time, since the company claims it made the robot using a real BMW, and the company says that drive-able models will be available soon (for now they can be “driven” via remote control).

You can watch the Letrons real-life Transformer in action below. For more info, and to make inquiries about getting them to build you one of your own, head over to the company’s official site here. But if you were thinking about building an army of Decepticons to take over the world, don’t bother, because the website states that commissions will only be accepted “if the buyers’ project and their reasons for use meet the criteria of the Letrons team.” Sorry, Megatron.

Here’s the video:

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