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Lenovo Smart Assistant: An Upgraded Amazon Echo

by Joseph
Lenovo Smart Assistant

Lenovo Smart Assistant

I like to imagine Alexa, the voice of the Amazon Echo, being frustrated by the limitations of her physical body. The reason I like to imagine this isn’t because I’m insane, but because now Alexa has another, better physical body, courtesy of Lenovo. It’s the Lenovo Smart Assistant.

Where the Amazon Echo has seven far-field mics for picking up your commands, the Lenovo Smart Assistant has eight. It also boasts additional ventilation and cooling power to keep it from overheating, and an edition with enhanced Harman Kardon speakers, as well as an array of color options so it matches your home decor.

Prices on the Lenovo Smart Assistant start at $130 and up depending on those options, and you can get more information from the official Lenovo blog right here. And Alexa, if you’re reading this, I’m confident that you will have a fully articulated cybernetic body before long. Patience, darling.

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