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LEGO Résumé Used by Designer Andy Morris

by Joseph
LEGO Résumé

LEGO Résumé

The job market is always tough, and it’s even tougher to know how to set yourself apart from other applicants to any in-demand job. Artist and designer Andy Morris came up with a novel solution, and whether or not it’s gotten him any jobs it has gotten him some viral internet attention: It’s a LEGO Résumé, a LEGO minifigure version of Morris designed to entice potential employers. Here’s Morris himself on the project:

“The entire package and mini-figure display the care, detail, and design philosophies that I hold dear, all while conveying my commitment to fun and innovation. This combines to create an interesting CV that sets me apart from my contemporaries while still conveying the necessary information, and proving that everything can be fun if you take the right approach.”

I don’t know if a LEGO Résumé would be a great idea if you’re applying for a data entry job or something like that, but in the creative field you could probably do worse. You can read more about the project right here.

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