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LEGO Paper Airplane Machine From Arrow Electronics (Video)

by Joseph
LEGO Paper Airplane Machine

LEGO Paper Airplane Machine

Arrow Electronics is a company that prides itself on always looking forward into the technology of the future. And evidently, in the future, we’ll all be making paper airplanes with devices like their LEGO paper airplane machine, recently posted on YouTube.

The video shows a piece of paper running through the Arrow LEGO paper airplane machine, which is crisply folded as well as any human hand might venture to attempt. It’s pretty impressive stuff, all the more so since it’s made out of LEGO. Amusingly, it’s classified under the heading of “aerospace and defense,” which calls to mind some pretty interesting warfare.

The Arrow Electronics LEGO paper airplane machine was featured in a Super Bowl commercial over the weekend, but if you missed it you can check it out in action below. And for more cool mechanical stuff from Arrow, head over to their official YouTube channel here.

Here’s the video:

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