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LEGO House: Win a Free Night from Airbnb (Video)

by Joseph
LEGO House

LEGO House

If you’re not familiar with LEGO House by architect Bjarke Ingels, it’s pretty much what it sounds like: The mecca of LEGO fans, where LEGO enthusiasts are encouraged to build and play to their heart’s content. Now, Airbnb is doing one of their signature giveaways in collaboration with the attraction, giving contestants a chance to win an overnight stay.

The LEGO House’s features are both nebulous and too numerous to comprehensively mention, but it would appear to be Destination Number One for anyone with any affection at all for the colorful building bricks. And a free overnight stay will give you a chance to really soak in the imaginative atmosphere, plus get some sleep on a bed that floats on a river of LEGO bricks. There’s also a kitchen that allows guests to construct their meals with LEGO then have edible equivalents served to them by robots! Check out the details of the contest in the video below:

To enter to win a night at LEGO House, head over to Airbnb’s site here and let them know what you would build if you had an infinite supply of LEGO.

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