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‘LEGO: First-Person Shooter’ Fan Film (Video)

by Joseph
LEGO: First-Person Shooter

LEGO: First-Person Shooter

Toy building brick brand LEGO has carved out a pretty lucrative additional niche for itself as a video game brand, but the games under the LEGO umbrella are all on the childlike side, without much in the way of violent action. So a fan by the internet moniker of AndrewMFilms created a short film that shows what it might be like if that weren’t the case – LEGO: First-Person Shooter.

LEGO: First-Person Shooter renders various first-person games in digital brick form, including PortalSkyrimBioshock, and Counter Strike. And as it turns out, even brutal violence seems kind of innocent and fun when it’s being carried out by LEGO people.

You can see what I mean by checking out LEGO: First-Person Shooter below. And for more of AndrewMFilms’ work, most of which seems to involve LEGO and/or video games, you can take a look at his YouTube channel right here.

Here’s the video:

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