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Legacybox: Convert All Your Old Home Movies to DVD (Video)

by Joseph


Believe it or not, kids, there was a time when home movies were taken on analog formats and not just your smartphone before being instantly posted on Facebook. But if you’re not a kid, and you actually own some old home movies (or photographs) on obsolete formats, there’s a new and easy way to get them converted to a more modern digital format: Legacybox.

Legacybox gets its name from the fact that it works by you putting all of your old film reels, VHS tapes, 8mm tapes, Polaroid photos, traditional photos, and any other old format into a box. You ship it off to Legacybox HQ, and in return you get a collection of DVDs with all your home movies loaded up onto them.

The price of a Legacybox varies (starting at $75) depending on how much old media you want converted and how big a box you’ll need, and you can get started here. And if you’re still on the fence, you can check out a short introductory video on the service below.

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