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Leff Brick Vintage Analog Flip Clock

by Joseph
Leff Brick

Leff Brick

When you see an old-fashioned flip clock in a movie or something, it’s hard not to miss the days of old-school analog mechanical action that’s been by now more or less totally replaced by silent digital technology. The people at Leff are bringing them back in a way that fits into a modern home with the Leff Brick.

The Leff Brick series of analog flip clocks is made up of three different styles – white on steel, black on steel, and black on copper. All three are hand-welded and brushed, with precision flip movements under the hood keeping them in good time.

Two D batteries keep the Leff Brick flip clocks running smoothly, and their especially durable steel or copper cases make them much sturdier than comparable plastic clocks were back in the old pre-digital days. For more information, and to order yours starting at $350 and up, head over to the Leff online store right here.

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