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Lee Hadwin Is the Artist Who Can Only Draw While Asleep (Pics)

by Joseph
Lee Hadwin

Sleeping is great, but it doesn’t really hold a candle to other states of consciousness in the productivity department (for example, try cleaning your apartment while in a chemically-induced manic state, it flies by and your apartment will never be cleaner). But that seemingly universal truth doesn’t apply to Lee Hadwin, an artist with a real gift for portraiture … when he’s asleep.

And when I say Lee Hadwin has a gift, I don’t just mean that as a matter of opinion. His “sleep-drawing” skills have turned incredibly lucrative, selling three Marilyn Monroe portraits for a grand total of $6,000, and having his work collected by none other than Donald Trump. And according to Hadwin in a recent feature in The Independent, he’s completely unable to draw when he’s awake.

You can read that story on Lee Hadwin, the incredible sleeping artist, on The Independent website here. And in the gallery below you can check out a few pieces of his work, but a word of warning: It will probably make you feel pretty useless the next time you go to sleep and don’t have anything to show for it but a stronger immune system after you wake up.

Here’s the gallery:

Lee HadwinLee HadwinLee Hadwin

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