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LeBron X NSW Cork Edition From Nike

by Joseph

LeBron cork shoe

It’s been a pretty good year for LeBron James, who added an NBA Championship, an Olympic gold medal and another Maurice Podoloff Trophy (awarded to the NBA MVP) to his trophy mantle.  And now, just when he probably thought it couldn’t get any better, Nike has released a special edition of his signature shoe, the LeBron X.

The newest installment to the LeBron X collection is the LeBron X NSW Cork Edition, which is made from genuine cork and designed for off-court use.

The shoe is just the first in a line that Nike is planning in which they take signature basketball shoes and revamp them with unique materials (like cork) – what better way to honor the accomplishments of one of the National Basketball League’s biggest stars?

The LeBron X NSW Cork Edition is set for a limited release in December, 2012.

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