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Leather Wall Pocket From Tasche

by Joseph
Tasche Leather Wall Pocket

Tasche Leather Wall Pocket

The standard spot for magazines or other magazine-sized objects in a home or office is on the table—a coffee table perhaps, or maybe some other kind of table or desk. Tasche is a brand that has a new solution to the problem of where to put all your extra magazines and whatnot; a Leather Wall Pocket.

The Tasche Leather Wall Pocket is made from latigo leather, and folded into an envelope-like shape that’s perfect for storage and display. Each one is stitched by hand and constructed in standard magazine size (10” x 11.25” x 3”) with enough space to hold multiple issues of whatever you want your friends to think you’re into.

Obviously, the Leather Wall Pocket from Tasche would also be perfect for a lobby, waiting room, or vestibule you happen to have creative control over, and you can buy yours in your choice of brown or dark brown for almost $120 each right here.

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