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Leather Keychain Ruler From Cool Material

by Joseph
Leather Keychain Ruler

Leather Keychain Ruler

Hey, when was the last time you measured anything? Unless you’re a carpenter or a middle school student (or the holder of probably dozens of vocations I don’t have time to enumerate here), it was probably a while ago, and if so it was in no small part due to the fact that you just don’t have a ruler handy. But with a Leather Keychain Ruler from the Cool Material Shop, you can measure stuff all day long.

The Leather Keychain Ruler can handle most, if not all, of your regular keychain duties, but thanks to some clever printing it also doubles as a six-inch ruler, in case you need to install a kitchen counter or settle a bet with the boys.

It’s priced at $14.95 at the Cool Material online store right here, where it’s available in two colors: Tan and black. If you buy two, you can measure stuff up to a foot long!

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