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Leather 6-Pack Holder: Tote Your Beer In Style

by Joseph
Leather 6-Pack Holder
Leather 6-Pack HolderLeather 6-Pack HolderLeather 6-Pack Holder

Walnut Studiolo has another product to add to their line of handcrafted leather products for beer aficionados: The Leather 6-Pach Holder. The inventive product allows you to tote six beer bottles (you can even mix and match) in a grouping of leather pouches, brought together by a light and thin plywood handle.

The result is an easy way to make the beer in your fridge portable and you don’t have to worry about it choking any endangered birds, either. Available in three different colors (honey, dark brown, and black), the Leather 6-Pack Holder can also be given a custom monogram, so there can be no doubt about which cool guy the leather beer holder belongs to.

For more info, and to get your own, head to Walnut’s website here, where the Leather 6-Pach Holder is available now starting at $89. And enjoy a few pictures of the product in action in the gallery up top.

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