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Leap: Luxury Commute Experience Rolls Out in San Francisco (Video)

by Joseph
Leap Luxury Commute

Leap Luxury Commute

We all know that riding the bus every day isn’t what anyone would call a great experience, and is pretty much reserved for people who either can’t or won’t blow the money on a car (or a taxi). But that logic hasn’t stopped a “luxury bus experience” from cropping up in, where else, San Francisco.  And it’s called Leap.

Leap gives commuters an experience more akin to an upscale lounge or coffee shop than a typical bus ride, with amenities like comfy seating, a laptop bar, and organic snacks. Tickets are purchased via the Leap app, so no more fumbling for change or a bus pass when you get on. All in all, it seems like a methodical upgrade over almost every aspect of the bus-riding experience, akin to first class flying or a luxury limousine.

A ride on a Leap bus costs $6, with cheaper tickets available in bulk. If you live in SF it might be worth it just to experience the novelty of a luxury bus ride, especially since this is a service unlikely to catch on in other parts of the country. You can get it an idea of what it’s like in the video below, and for more info head over to Leap’s official site right here.

Here’s the video:

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