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Leaning Loop: A Wood, “Lean-Anywhere” Home Organizer (Photos)

by Joseph
Leaning Loop

We’re still close enough to January 1st, 2015 that you might still be clinging to the hope that this will be the year you finally get organized. If that’s true, you might be interested in the Leaning Loop, a novel approach to problems like rapidly accumulating stuff and where to put hats, coats, scarves, and the like after you get home.

The Leaning Loop is a wood organizer with shelf space for shoes, hooks for coats, bags, or anything else you can hang on a hook, and even a panel on the top for a mirror or whiteboard for messages that apply to the household (hopefully, “where are my shoes?” won’t be one of them). The coolest part of the Leaning Loop is probably in the fact that you can lean it pretty much anywhere there’s a wall – no nails or screws necessary.

Each Leaning Loop home organizer is made to order in Canada, so for more information and price inquires you should go to the product’s website here. And you can see a few photos of the Leaning Loop in the gallery below.


Leaning LoopLeaning LoopLeaning LoopLeaning LoopLeaning Loop

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