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Leaf Plug N’ Plant Cannabis Growing System

by Joseph


As marijuana edges closer and closer to being a wholly legitimate industry, we’re going to be seeing more and more products capitalizing on this previously untapped market. The latest is Leaf, a “Plug N’ Plant” system that seeks to make growing marijuana in your house an exceedingly simple operation.

Leaf is a mini-fridge-sized chamber with room for two plants, and is engineered for a “set it and forget it” method of growth, facilitated in part by its LED grow light system designed by an Agricultural Lighting Researcher at NASA. Once the plants are inside, you don’t have to do anything until they’re ready, but you can monitor their growth via the included smartphone app. Remember to cherish this time with your weed – it grows up so fast.

You can get some more information on Leaf at its official site right here, or pre-order yours with a $100 deposit and $1400 when it ships sometime during the summer of next year.

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