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Lazzarini Hover Coupe Concept (Video)

by Joseph
Lazzarini Hover Coupe

Lazzarini Hover Coupe

Imagine it: tooling around in a sexy new hover car, a hover car so sexy and elegant in fact that it can only accurately be referred to as a Hover CoupeEvery man dreams about hovering around on a sleek, futuristic hovercraft. The Lazzarini Design Studio has a new concept vehicle that represents this wonderful dream. It’s called the Lazzarini Hover Coupe concept, created with elements from Italian automotive brand Isotta Fraschini.

You can see how handsomely designed the Lazzarini Hover Coupe is in the picture above. It’s equal parts futuristic and retro, which if you think about it makes perfect sense for a hovercraft. You can check out the whole design in the video below – enjoy:

The Lazzarini Hover Coupe is just a concept for now, so there’s no telling when or even if it or anything like it will go into production. But you can stay tuned to the official Lazzarini site right here for more details.


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