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Lay’s Chocolate Covered Wavy Potato Chips

by Joseph
Chocolate-Dipped Wavy Potato Chips

Chocolate-Dipped Wavy Potato Chips

In news that should please diehard snack fans as well as Shaggy from Scooby-Doo, Frito-Lay has unveiled the latest product from the mad scientists in their test kitchens. They’re chocolate-covered Wavy potato chips, and they’re coming to a Target near you.

The Target exclusivity is part of an effort to test out the chocolate-dipped Wavy chips, but according to the Frito-Lay VP of marketing, these could become a permanent part of the Lay’s brand if the Target run does well. So if you feel like voting with your wallet, head to Target and buy as many bags of these as possible.

The Lay’s chocolate-covered Wavy potato chips are expected to hit Target’s shelves sometime next week, so you’ll have to keep making your own until then. Zoinks!

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