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Layers Stalaclights: Lighting Inspired by Inverted Skyscrapers

by Joseph
Layers Stalaclights

I don’t know if there were any mind-altering substances involved in this flash of inspiration, but somebody somewhere had the thought that upside-down 1930s art deco skyscrapers look just like stalactites. And thus, the Layers Stalaclights were born, 3D-printed LED lamp covers that look like either skyscrapers or stalactites, depending, on whether you’re upside-down or not.

Layers Stalaclights are a result of new possibilities surrounding light shades. In the old days, light bulbs got too hot to put a shade directly onto the bulb, but since LED lights don’t emit much in the way of heat, intricate light shade designs like this are now possible. And each Stalaclight comes with everything required for a ceiling installation – bulb, shade, cable, and ceiling cap).

You can browse all the Layers Stalaclights, each one based on an iconic skyscraper, at the Layers online store here, where they’re priced starting at around $174. And you can see a few photos of the designs in the gallery below.

Layers StalaclightsLayers StalaclightsLayers Stalaclights

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