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Layer Charge Trays for Wireless Charging

by Joseph
Layer Charge Trays

Layer Charge Trays

If you have a smartphone that can handle wireless induction charging, you may want to look into a new line of ceramic charging trays from Layer. Layer Charge Trays are stylish and minimalistically-designed trays that nevertheless incorporate up-to-date wireless induction charging technology.

Layer Charge Trays are the work of Layer and Bitossi Ceramiche, an Italian ceramics brand that brings premium ceramic construction to the table. They come in four different versions, each a pairing of a different size and finish, with space for spare change and anything else you may want to keep at hand near your wirelessly-charging mobile device.

You can see all four of the Layer Charge Trays in the photo up at the top. ┬áIf you like what you see you can browse the collection at the Layer online store right here. And if you’re worried about them one day becoming obsolete, don’t:

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