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LayBag Inflatable Outdoor Lounge Chair

by Joseph


It may sound like a misogynist insult, but the LayBag is actually something much better and more useful – an inflatable lounge chair that you can take with you anywhere you’d like to sit in comfort.

Similar to the KAISR Original, the LayBag is designed to bring seating comfort to places that don’t normally have it outside of a particularly nice camp chair. It fits into a small case when deflated, and to blow it up you just wave it through the air akin to the way you open up a garbage bag. Once you stretch out on it, it can support you for between four and six hours before you need to re-inflate – not enough for a full night’s sleep for most people, but more than enough solid nap time.

The LayBag comes in a wide variety of color options, all of which can be browsed at the product’s official site here, where the chair can be purchased for just under $80.

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