Home Style “Last”: New Nike Ad Celebrates the Last But Not Least (Video)

“Last”: New Nike Ad Celebrates the Last But Not Least (Video)

by Joseph
Nike "Last"

Nike "Last"

Nike, like most other athletic brands, can tend to focus on the superhuman athletes among the human race for its advertising campaigns, despite the fact that the vast majority of its customer base are not going to be in that class of accomplishment. But there’s a new ad from the brand that takes a minute to commemorate those of us who do our best and finish the race, even if we’re in “Last” place.

The name of the Nike+ Run Club spot is also “Last,” for the position its hero holds in a marathon she is clearly not prepared to finish without some serious willpower and sweat getting spent. It’s a fun commercial, and a lot more relateable to most of us than the usual feats of strength in speed found in Nike ads.

You can watch the Nike “Last” spot below. And for more on the Nike+ Run Club, check out is official site here.

Here’s the commercial:


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