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LaserWatch: A Wristwatch With A Real Laser (Video)

by Joseph


Let me make something crystal clear right off the bat: This isn’t about some watch with a laser pointer built in. I’m talking about an actual 1,500-milliwatt laser beam that can pop balloons and cut through plastic. It’s the creation of Patrick Priebe, who has dubbed his invention the LaserWatch.

While the LaserWatch can’t cut through steel handcuffs, Preibe does perform some pretty cool tricks with in the demonstration video, including popping balloons, lighting matches, and burning a hole through a CD case. But before you start planning any international espionage, you should know that the battery only lasts between five and ten minutes, and the LaserWatch isn’t for sale anyway.

If it were for sale, Priebe says that the LaserWatch would cost at least $300, but you can see the video of it in action below, totally free of charge. And for more wondrous laser gadgets (including laser guns) from Patrick Priebe, check out his website here.

Here’s the video:

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