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Laser Bazooka Unveiled by Drake Anthony (Video)

by Joseph
Laser Bazooka

Laser Bazooka

Drake Anthony, aka styropyro, is a man who specializes in constructing elaborate laser weapons and other exotic devices in his garage (hey, everybody has to have a hobby). His latest work is something he calls a laser bazooka.

I’m not a scientist, and I can guarantee I know a lot less about the principles involved in the construction and operation of a laser bazooka than Anthony does, but to my inexpert eyes it looks pretty much like a souped up lightsaber. Only instead of taking the shape of a sword, it’s more like a handheld cannon that fires a 200-watt laser burst that’s so bright you can’t even look at it without protective eye gear.

You don’t need any protective eye gear to see Drake Anthony’s laser bazooka in action in the video below, though. And for more cool stuff from styropyro, check out the man’s official channel on YouTube right here.

Here’s the laser bazooka:


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