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Lansky AX-911 Fireman’s Battle Axe

by Joseph
Lansky AX-911

Lansky AX-911

In a perfect world, you will never need a “battle axe” for any reason, unless of course that’s what you call your wife. But most of us don’t live in a perfect world, and still others actually work as firefighters, so it’s nice to know that the Lansky AX-911, also known as the Fireman’s Battle Axe, is out there.

The Lansky AX-911 is packed with features designed with input from actual firefighters, who would know better than anyone what a good axe needs. There’s the hose wrench in the axe’s shoulder, the gas valve wrench in the blade (to you laymen, it looks like a plus sign), the pry bar, and the impact tool, in addition to the five-inch blade itself. The handle is insulated to handle shocks of up to 10,000 volts, so all in all this is one extremely durable axe, perfect for firefighters or anyone who likes to be prepared.

If you count yourself among one or both of those groups, you can drop a little over 50 bucks on the Lansky AX-911 Fireman’s Battle Axe at Amazon right here.

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